Further with you
I sure would have go further with you
But I never thought that you were a jew
I was on the street on a Friday afternoon
I was walking to my home
when you asked to see my room
I was seduced a long time ago,
we were introduced just after a show
With this smell in your neck,
you were so perfect
I sure would have go further with you
But I never thought that you were a jew
I was watching you
getting naked on my bed
Layed down on my sheets
blue green and red
We were ready it was only me and you
But then you noticed that I wasn't a jew
I sure would have go further with you
But I never thought that you were a jew
Nipple's Lyrics
I don't want to save my race
``Hey look at him he's got long hair in the back
He's so ugly he looks like shit in a pack``
Hey young girl who do you think you are
I'm sure you judge this guy
just by the colour of his car
To be honest and true, he looks just like you.
He is not the one who will say to you
That you're not a beauty even if it's true
I bet with you that his eyes are blue
If you only knew what he thinks of you
In the same brush we're tarred, she went to his car
They look just the same It is such a shame
And I judge with grace because
I don't want to save my race
They met, they talked, they kissed under a star
It was love as ugly as they are
But this guy was not just awful outside
He took her by the back and stabbed her until she died
Then he started his car, and dropped her not too far
I sure remember her face
She has some of kind of gypsy trace
But I don't care about this case
And I'm still judging with grace
'cause I don't want to save my race
It is quite sad I agree But my friend c'est la vie
Feel lucky not to be at her place
And feel happy to judge with grace
If you don't want to save your race
'cause I don't want to save my race
I don't give a shit about you
I don't mind if you're passing through
I don't care about anybody I just do care about me
'cause I don't want to save my race

Polygamous Pete
Don't think I don't love you baby
I chose you to be number three
Not too long ago when I craved a snack
All I had to do was open up a pack
Now the packs are gone I'm running out of time
I'm singing the song to relive the crime
Come on and sing along and you'll feel just fine
Look into my eyes, let our soul combine
Let me get to you so you can be mine
The first of a new pack of bodies sublime
Of course I had a bunch of lovers in the past
They've always told me that it was a blast
So what do you care if you're not the one
I'll always be there when you need to come
Get on top, get on top, Do as you please
Let's do it let's do the birds and the bees
You don't even need to play hard to get
Just to get me hard just to get in the mood
Well, get undressed and get in bed
And you'll get it good like you know you should
You need a man, don't know if you can
You're shy and fat while I'm all that
Being older being wiser, Bona fide, pussy killer
No more need to shop around
What you're looking for in me you found
No more sleeping all alone In you I have a nice home
'til I need to get back to Number one and number two
After all you need a break, lovin' me is no pieceo'cake
Drop the stance, drop your pants
Get on your knees Love it, shake it,
Give it a good squeeze
Who wants to fuck with me
Who wants to fuck with me
I offer myself for free
And I have my car to wash
And I like the girls to watch
Of course I'm always shaved
There's really nothing to be affraid
But I have problem to find a girl
Who wants to fuck with me
I offer myself for free
And I have a house to buy
And I have some zits to hide
Of course I know the secrets tricks
I know what want to hear the chicks
But I have problem to find a gir
Who wants to fuck with me
I offer myself for free
Should I really be free
I'm not hungry I'm not thirsty
I have no faith in destiny
I am an apple under gravity
I keep falling, for me, eternally
I represent the social sin
I'm the boldness that keeps smiling
I am the parasite of everyone
I'm only a pleasure suddenly gone
Ooh should I really be free
Ooh should I really be free
We are now melting under the sun
Remove your necktie, the trip has begun
Finally out of my own circle
Please fill me up another niddle
Ooh should I really be free
Ooh should I really be free
The folk singer
My name is Ron and I played music all my life
I'm now 5 and I keep playin' on my Fender '59
Well now my wife is gone I never felt so happy
It was so intense on the couch with Nany,
when she caught me
Ooh honey I said let's make it with the puppy
Let's try to save our mariage
please remember when we were young and free
I'm in love with my dog
I know it's weird but
she's the only one who turns me on
I bought a bone today
because it is Nany's birthday
I am pretty sure
that she is liking it as much as I do
I make love with my dog
Tonight we will probably try the rug
I'm in love with my dog
I know it's weird but
She's the only one who turns me on
She never complains about anything
She never bother me to buy her a ring
She just makes little sound
when she wants to go outside to pee
She made me realize
the harmony between her and me
I make love with my dog
I am the happiest man in town

When I want to come I have to bark now

Catherine or cocaine
Many years ago I met her in a show a night of november
I just wondered if I wanted to be with her
Life has changed, we went closer
Loving her make me feel like a loser
I don’t know if I hate more the girl or the powder

Catherine or cocaine

I know, I know my addiction got me wrong again
I just wonder if I might continue then
I loved her just so fucking hard
I regret to have put around her a chain
Around Catherine or cocaine

Catherine or cocaine
I sure remember the game
Catherine or cocaine
I don’t know with who I came

Insisting hesitation, Afternoon revelation
Small talk fornication, I don’t believe your reason
One night, one session, I don’t feel this attention
What’s your next destination
The last time I saw you was fun
I was happy to see things done, I even saw you kissing a moron
I think I will accept this pain and I know you’re doing it again
Without me but cocaine

Love was so clear from your body but your mind refused to agree

Don`t use too much drug you would become a bug
Curiously, somebody died yesterday night because of me
I`m now in jail, under penalty of scatophily
I met her from some years ago between us always come and go
She became professional, a nice appetite with good cereal
She could pay then for anything she wants
Invited me for weirdo trip in south of France
She said it was a surprise
I should have followed the advice

Don`t use too much drug you would become a bug

A charming garden with flowers and an old man cooking the stuff
Surprise effect aphrodisiac, She wanted to have something rough
She wanted something new and she sure was stone enough
Then she went totally crazy wanting me to shit in her mouth

I was completely stone
I should have listen to the drone
Don’t use too much drug
You could become a bug

She began to change of color when she swallowed the first chunk
She was quite oily and then sticky with my brown stuff around
We tought it was a part of the trip she used the stuff as a dip
But then she died in action cause I think my shit was poison
And I’m still here in my cell really wondering why I smell
I tell you : Don’t use too much drug you would become a bug

Over the character we play (the other I was for him)

When arguments are not enough
The emotions and all this stuff
Brain factory industrial
I think I’m individual

Save me computer almighty
Rapidity but conformity
I need to know who I used to be
What is my grade in society

The prevision of the power
Implies that I’m a bad father
Invest your time in the future
Your child will have a new brother

An artificial happiness
In dollar and some daily stress
I need to have a solid nest
My wife just wants less and less sex

I can do whatever I want until I die
A security number, a website and a tie
Why should I whine, why should I think and why should I cry
In front of my new computer wondering when I would fly

American peace I was raise with that
I want money not to be fat
My head and soul refuse that glove
The top of me that I hate and love

I’m glad to live but it is rude
My kids will eat astronaut food
They will go back with their mother
The judge said I was a loser

Here I can’t control anything
Food and lights and exercice are ruled by a machine build with the coldness of a man who thought a coherent program replacing my freedom to punish me to be crazy in the eyes of the same guy who captured me in his jail that use to be my life.
Now I can’t control the only « me » I have
Shaping my mind while I was too young and innocent to see the infinite choices so I followed my friend : the other that I was for him and we call it a tradition and we’ve learned to be proud of it only because you’re now this one and not another other kind,
I want to be unique,
definitively not..

The living things on this planet,
with one exception,
are the Others.