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Co-operation Co-establishment of Office in Lishui

After years of market development and accumulation, Our products are trusted by customers, the popularity of  Surapid and brands has been gradually improved,  named as one of the fastest growing national brands of the elevator industry in recent years.


In order to further improve the market share,Innovate strategic cooperation models with partners,establish the market end service points is one of the important strategies to strengthen the core competitiveness of the company.


On Sep 7 th,with the joint efforts of Surapid Elevator Co., Ltd. Hangzhou Branch and Lishui core strategic partners,SURAPID Lishui office was officially established. Miao Jianning the Chairman of Surapid, and General manager Zhang, partner of Surapid in Lishui,attended the awarding ceremony.Miao Jianning, chairman of Surapid fully affirmed the outstanding achievements of Lishui market in recent years. At the same time, he expressed that both sides should give full play to their advantages and cooperate with each other in the future to make The southwest Zhejiang market bigger and stronger around Lishui.


General manager Zhang also  shown their appreciation of support whicih Surapid gaven to Lishui market,  also full of confidence in the next market development in the meantime.Set up a office in Lishui is one of important action of  marketing deep ploughing of Surapid Elevator Co., Ltd. Hangzhou Branch,as part of the localization service system, Lishui office will undertake a series of sales, service and engineering and technical support services in southwest Zhejiang, striving to provide customers with more reliable, safer and better elevator products and services.The establishment of the Lishui Office of Surapid will effectively promote the Surapid Elevator Co., Ltd. to make greater contribution to the development of the local elevator market.