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News of victory丨Surapid elevator outbided big project in Anhui Province Feidong County

Recently, Surapid Elevator Co., Ltd has successfully signed a contract for Furuijiayuan resettlement residential area of Dianbu Town, Hefei City, Anhui province, provide a total of 70 sets of elevator for this community , which will be another demonstration project involving Surapid in local morality and politics.

As a national important professional elevator manufacturer, Surapid has well-known advanced safety elevator technology and rigorous system configuration.With its premium and exquisite product quality,fashionable appearance design perfectly matched with the architectural style of the project, Surapid won the first place in the bidding competition and successfully became the elevator product supplier of this project.


The overall planning of the settlement area aims at protecting the ecological environment and shaping the pleasant landscape; the planning fully considered the design principle of "people-oriented" and taken "green, healthy and comfortable" as the guidance.The overall layout of the community takes into account that every residential household has a good orientation, and the residential buildings in the plot meet the effective sunshine for 2 hours on the Great Cold day.The road in the settlement area is divided into two stages, the main road is 6m wide and the walking road is 1.5-4m wide.A 6m ring road is formed around the land to meet the requirements of fire fighting. The whole layout is reasonable and orderly, and the traffic flow is clear and unobstructed.


The project solves the parking problem by using two methods: ground parking and underground parking, so as to save land and facilitate travel and reduce the motor vehicle parking to the residential life of the interference at the same time.The parking of motorcycles, electric vehicles and bicycles is mainly concentrated in the non-motorized parking area and open space parking.It is reported that construction of the project started in November 2019. The project is expected to be completed in June 2022 in accordance with the legal responsibility system, project supervision system, contract management system and other systems. Strively to build this project into a moral and political project with the organization at ease and the people satisfied.

Surapid will provide a one stop full range of elevator services including design, production, installation and after-sales.We are always been adhering to the concept of "Rushing toward to the future, Traveling over the world", to provide "up and down satisfaction" customer experience, committed to constantly improve the quality of products and build brand influence.The winning of the bid for Feidong project, further in-depth and expand the our business map, at the same time, it will also be built into a classic landmark of Hefei, Anhui region moral and political project, to promote the development of Feidong!